The B Team

The B Team

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Welcome to The ‘B’ Team. We have named it the B Team as we look for the second best team in a football match, the team that doesn’t have much chance of recording a win. A draw is fine, as long as we don’t have a winner and most of the time we don’t, most of the time we pick the team that’s second best, we pick the B team.

We don’t want the heroics here, no mister T to come and save the day, we study everything and leave no stone unturned, in order to arrive at our final football selections, the teams that we feel simply can’t win. That’s the way to make real money from Football these days. We here time and time again that it is getting harder and harder to make a living from picking winning football bets. Well our answer is you don’t need to. Why put yourself under that extra pressure and stress of needing a team to win before you have any chance of making any money, and unless they are at good odds as a single, you will need two, three or more teams to win just to win one bet.

Make it easier on yourself, sit back and relax as the minute the match kicks off you are already in a winning position. You have the draw on your side, already giving you a huge mathematical edge.

And with The B Team you have the team you need to pick the selections for you that simply often do not win.

To Win at Football lay betting you need THE ‘B’ TEAM.