Welcome to the Betting Universe

Welcome to The Betting Universe, your one and only place to stop in the galaxy for all your betting needs and profits.

The Betting Universe provides its members with top quality tips from the most informed and qualified tipsters that you will find just about anywhere in the universe, thus ensuring their members success in achieving and maintaining big profits from their betting activities on a long term basis.

The Betting Universe aims to be around for a very long time (maybe not as long as the universe itself), but we are here for you to ensure that in this minefield of tipsters and advisors, you will always have one main port of call for all your betting selections, on any given sport in order to ensure the profitability of both our members and our company.

Our aim is to provide you with regular, consistent and long term profits from sports betting. We are not a here today gone tomorrow company, nor we do profess to be able to provide you with any get rich quick options. We are in it for the long term profits and steady and consistent profits for our members and whilst the natural general nature of the betting industry means that sometimes we do make a small fortune for our members in a short space of time, the long term steady profits on a consistent monthly basis (the bread and butter as it were), are what we are all about and is what you should be all about too.

The bookies are no mugs and it’s no easy feat taking profits off them on a regular basis, but it can be done and we can do this for you.

Likewise if you are expecting retirement in a week’s time then please look elsewhere, our members know the score and know that with every winning run there inevitably follows some losses, but it is the overall profitability over the medium and longer terms, form 1 to 3 months to consistent profits over the years that really count. This can make you a very handsome living, in fact many of our members make so much money from their betting, because of the advice and tips from the betting universe that this is often their sole income and we have many members who are professional gamblers, the definition of which is someone who earns their entire living from betting.

This could be you. Why not hop on board, take a trip to the betting universe and once you are here you will never look back.

We look forward to welcoming you into our universe of long term consistent profits derived from our betting tips and advisory services.

Welcome aboard to a journey you will never look back from.

Welcome aboard to long term consistent profits from betting.

Welcome to The Betting Universe.