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Welcome to Nicks Picks. Nick concentrates on two of the goals markets in football betting (Over 1.5 & Over 2.5 Goals) and makes a great living from them. The goals markets are by far the best way to make long term profits from Football Nick says, and now he is willing to share his tips with a small group of like-minded punters, who enjoy making money from football betting.

The good thing about these goals markets is that we don’t have to wait until the final whistle and bite our finger nails whilst watching injury time, in case a late goal costs us our profits.

In the case of Over 1.5 goals, as soon as there are just 2 goals in the match the bet is a winner, doesn’t matter if both teams score at 1-1, any one of the teams can win 2-0 and it’s a winning bet also. We’re not talking about a correct score here either, there can be 3, 4, 5, 6 or more goals in the game but as long as there are at least 2 goals scored, weather it is one by each team or 2 goals by either side, as soon as that second goal is scored in a match the bet is a winner.

It could be that after just 10 minutes, two goals are scored, so your bet is in, no matter what else happens in the game. What a great feeling knowing you have already won the bet when there is still 80 minutes to go. Likewise the Over 2.5 goals is very similar, just that there has to be three goals scored in a match rather than two, but again the same thing applies, once 3 goals go in your bet is a winning one. obviously, this is slightly more difficult than over 1.5 goals, but the odds are considerably more attractive, so Nick uses his skill in picking those that offer real value and he has also started to introduce accumulators into his selections, whereby larger wins for small stakes are on the cards and this can happen quiet regularly in these two lucrative goals markets.

For regular profits as well as the chance to make larger wins for small stakes, also on a regular basis, you need Nicks Picks.

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