Out Of The Picture

Out Of The Picture

Just £47 per month. Save £176 a year with a quarterly subscription at £97 or a massive £317 a year for £247!

  • Earn £3,000+ per Month LAYING Horses not to be placed.
  • Long Winning Runs & Low Liabilities,
  • Start Small & Increase Betting Bank from Your Winnings
  • If the Horse is not Placed, then you are in the money

This is simply the best way to lay a horse and to keep liabilities very low, whilst maintaining long winning run streaks. Instead of the traditional way of simply laying a horse not to win, at ‘Out Of The Picture’, we lay the horse not to come placed (ie not to come in the top 3 for 8 to 15 runner races and not to come in the top 4 for 16 runners and above).

Whilst this may be just a little but more difficult to do, the benefits are huge, namely in the massive reduction in BSP odds to Lay Place Odds, meaning that each time we lay a horse the risks are kept to a minimum and when the horse does get placed, you don’t lose your shirt off your back, which is sometimes the case on straight forward lay bets not to come first.

The traditional way of laying horses simply not to win, (whilst can be attractive due to the often many long winning run cycles), can also be offset by the fact that just a couple of losers (ie horses coming in first), can wipe out most or sometimes all of your hard earned profits made over a longer period.

Whilst obviously it is slightly more difficult to lay a horse not be placed, than simply not to win, we think the upside to this is very advantageous, with the reduced liabilities more than compensating for the loss of an extra couple of places when laying a horse.

Another advantage of laying a horse not to come placed, is that because we still get long winning runs and the losses are far lower than normal lays, you can start with a relatively small betting bank and increase the betting bank from your winnings as you go along, effectively using the bookies money to make more money. What a great way to earn a living, we hope you will join us.