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  • £4,000.00+ Per Month PROFITS easily achieved.
  • Sufficient Number Of Bets & Low Liabilities.
  • Make Big Profits from Horse Racing Lays.
  • For ‘Loads Of Money’ you need ‘Loads-A-Lays’

Welcome to Loads-A-Lays, the Horse Racing Lays Service that provides you with enough quality lays bets to enable you to make handsome monthly profits from horse racing lay betting. We look through all the racing cards daily to come up with several potential lays on most days, that have a superb chance of not making it past the winning post first.

We still have low bets and no bet days when nothing presents itself, we don’t give you lay tips for the sake of giving you a bet. Every bet is carefully worked out before we pass it onto our members, so you can be assured that every selection you receive has a great chance of not winning, as we know how damaging giving out too many winners can be.

Plus we only give out horses that have relatively low liabilities, which helps increase the profits and reduces the risk of taking a hit when the odd winner does come in, which inevitably they do from time to time.

We estimate that an income of around £4,000+ a month can easily be achieved because we provide a sufficient number of lay bets in order for you to achieve this.  Why not start small and increase the lay stakes as your betting bank builds up, which it will do at a very fast rate, as we cover enough lays daily to enable you to do this so you don’t have to start off from day one with a large betting bank.

We have enough average daily lays to make a superb income from horse laying

For ‘Loads-Of-Money’ you need ‘Loads-A-Lays’