Footie Fumbles

Footie Fumbles

Just £47 per month. Save £176 a year with a quarterly subscription at £97 or a massive £317 a year for £247!

  • Average £2,500.00 to £3,000.00 Per month Profits
  • Long Winning Runs & Low Liabilities.
  • Consistent Steady Reliable Profits
  • Increase Stakes from Winnings to make even Greater Profits.

Here we have a great service that does exactly what it says on the tin. Nothing fancy, spectacular or complicated, but regular steady profits month in, month out from laying Football Matches. Lay betting is probably one of the few long term sure fire ways that you can make regular and consistent profits month after month.

Nothing spectacular, no get rich quick fixes, but you should make regular decent profits of around £2,500.00 to £3,000.00 per month with low liabilities that can increase once you increase your stakes from your winnings. With Footie Fumbles low liabilities you can start with a small betting bank and increase your bank from the profits made from the bookies in the first place, what a way to make a living.

If it is a regular monthly income you are looking for then Footie Fumbles is a must for you. There’s nothing complicated about betting, especially lay betting, just do the easy things consistently and stick with it and you will make money and good regular money at that.

Like I say there is no un-realistic promise of untold riches, but what we can promise you is that we have a superb lay team who look for those Football Teams who simply have very little chance of winning and then we lay them and make money on almost a daily basis.

If regular monthly steady profits are for you, then you need Footie Fumbles.

Join Footie Fumbles Today and make most days your Pay days.