Follow The Market

Follow The Market

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‘Gamble landed!’

Those two words are sweet to those ‘in the know’ of an expected winner.

Of course, only a select few are privy to the inside information regarding a potential ‘good thing’.

However the rest of us can still benefit and back the winner, even if the price is shorter than some may have obtained.

‘Following the markets’ requires skill and knowledge-qualities our team of professional gamblers possess in spades.

Blindly backing every horse whose odds shorten will quickly lead to the poor house, as obviously not every springer in the market wins.

Our team of experts monitor the betting market of each race from the opening show-usually available the evening before racing-and look out for any significant market moves.

They then formulate a list of potential bets before checking the going, trip and opposition the following morning.

When all information points to a good run-supported by the market-then a selection is made.

The advent of BOG-Betting Odds Guaranteed-by a lot of bookies is very much in the punter’s favour, and we can take the first available price, knowing that even if the selection drifts in the betting later in the day, we will be on the best odds.

Backing winners in horse-racing is much easier when you are following the expert tipsters who are also following the markets expertly.