Bet On Golf

Bet On Golf

Just £47 per month. Save £176 a year with a quarterly subscription at £97 or a massive £317 a year for £247!

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  • E/Ways, 2/3 Balls, Match Bets & More
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Our comprehensive golf service offers you golf tips for both e/way bets, 2/3 Balls and 72 hole match bets, as well as specials in the major tournaments. Run by people who play and live and breathe golf this service produces outstanding profits with e/way bets winning in the three figures over 100-1 & often the odds are between 25-1 and 80-1.

When you add in the fact that the match bets can often produce high winning accumulators also occasionally in the three figure range, you can see why more and more people Bet On Golf as there betting option, as it can seriously make you wealthy.

The golf guys not only do their homework, but also by being out on the circuit are privy to information that the normal punter can only dream about. With pros and semi pros helping to pick these tips you are with the most informed tipsters around and this is why they come up with the goods time and time again.

Another superb advantage to this service is the fact that most of the bets for the whole week are sent out in one or two day’s for the week and usually at least 24 hours in advance & with most golf tournaments run over 4 days maximum you don’t need to be constantly looking out for the daily bets to come through. You can sit back, relax and then wait till most of the golf tournaments finish on a Sunday night and collect your winnings.

You can even enjoy seeing the progress of your bets over the four days that the golf tournaments are generally played, so not only can you enjoy make a fortune form your golf tips, but you can have great fun watching the golf too, as the old saying goes it matters more when there’s money on it.

And with prices like these you do not need to be staking a small fortune to win large sums of money. A £10 bet on a 100-1 shot is £1,000 profit, although we do advise all these bets e/way.

The 2/3 Ball bets provide some regular bread and butter income, but with Accumulators thrown in here too, even these can yield a small fortune.

Bet On Golf can make you serious money, Bet On Golf can make you seriously wealthy.

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