The Lay Guys

The Lay Guys

Just £47 per month. Save £176 a year with a quarterly subscription at £97 or a massive £317 a year for £247!

  • Earn £3,000.00+ Per Month from Lay Betting.
  • High Strike Rates, Low Liabilities.
  • Lay Horse To Lose & Not to be Placed.
  • Lay Football teams to lose and to Draw.
  • 4 Lay services in 1.
  • For expert Lays, you need The Lay Guys.

We are The Lay Guys, and we would like to introduce you to a fantastic lay service that is everything lay, effectively 4 lay services in 1. We don’t just follow one type of lay bet, if there’s a lay bet to be won we are on it, weather its laying a horse not to win, or laying it not to be in the frame & weather its laying a football team not to win, or laying a football match not to be a draw.

There are many ways to skin a cat as the old saying goes, and whilst that doesn’t appear to be a very nice phrase it does serve the purpose to illustrate why The Lay Guys are so successful. They do not dogmatically follow one type of lay bet, or restrict their experience to concentrating on one lay market.

They see any lay bet in Football and racing as an opportunity, and if there is a profit to be made in the lay, then The Lay Guys will lay it.

The Lay Guys painstakingly go through the minefield of potential lay opportunities in Horse racing & Football on a daily basis, to arrive at the best lay value selections each day, whether it be laying a horse not to win a race,  or laying a horse not to come in the frame and on football it may be that they find superb value lays in a team not to win a match and equally they may find value in certain football games not be end in the stalemate of a draw.

Why restrict yourself to one market when there are different opportunities presenting themselves on a daily basis and with The Lay Guys you can be sure they are putting their combined knowledge and expertise to fantastic use in order to arrive at the final daily lay selections.

For expert Lays you need The Lay Guys.