In The Mix

In The Mix

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Trying to pick winners at horse racing is a thankless task. How often has your well thought out, backed up with hard earned cash selection, just got beaten at the post. You thought it was home and dry yet again, only for some donkey with no form coming out from nowhere just beating it over the line. Once again it’s a case of Close but no cigar. Well not anymore.

In this game you need as much help as you can, with everything going in your favour as much as possible before the off. This is where our team come in, you see we don’t look for winners, ok fine if it does win and also fine if it doesn’t, as long as the horse is placed in the top three or four depending on number of runners etc, then you are a winner.

Weather our horse wins by a county mile or just gets beaten on the line, we don’t care, we make the same profit. It could be trailing quiet a way back behind two front runners that have left the field behind, but we are still in the race. As long as our horse makes it over the line in 3rd and sometimes 4th place even, we still have a winning bet.

In other word’s our horses just need to be in the frame, in the mix as it were, and we are in the money.

Backing winners at horsing racing really is a difficult task and seems to be getting harder as the years tick by. Instead be a winner yourself, be in the mix, and you will enjoy superb profits from horse racing. We hope to welcome you on board.